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"The only thing I have to say is that if I ever left my Jaw Jackers home I would be totally ticked off."
Brad Archibald
"Proud to say I got the chance to try some JawJackers and wasn't disapointed! I was able to catch crappie one after the other with ease, the hookset ability is amazing."
Jonny Fickert
"I had never been ice fishing before until a friend took me. We used JawJackers and I caught a limit of 6 rainbows. Thanks to the Jaw Jacker I didn’t go away empty handed on my first ice fishing trip and had a good time."
Brad Brown
"I live in Idaho where you are allowed to use more than one rod at a time. I like to use a vexlar(fish finder) and jig but that takes my attention away from the other rods. I started using Jaw Jackers to remedy this problem and began to catch significantly more fish. Now I know when fish bite my other rods because they set off the Jaw Jacker and are hooked."
Scott Nelson
"For the ice fisherman this is a great addition to your toys. It helps set the hook on light bite days and makes those around you wonder how is he catching fish and I’m not. The Jaw Jacker really works and I have ice fished for some 20 years. Try one and you will buy one."
Jim Knox