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How to use the Jaw Jacker

1. First attach the loop to the rod tip.

Attach the loop (included) to the side bar support of the rod tip by placing the loop through itself around the side bar support and pulling it tight. Attach the loop to the side of the eyelet shown below. You can attach the loop directly to the opening where the line goes through but it works better if your rod tip has side bar supports to attach to.

2. Fold out the Jawjacker, and set your rod angle.

Pull the trigger slide and rod holder pins out, then fold out the legs, feet, trigger slide, and rod holder out. Replace the rod holder pin in one of the 3 holes to set the rod angle. Using the hole closest to the rod holder will give you the highest rod angle and vice versa. The higher your rod angle is the harder the Jawjacker will set the hook.

3. Adjust the Jawjacker to fit your rod.

Put your rod in the rod holder and adjust the trigger slide either forward or backward so that when the rod tip is bent strait down, it’s directly over the loop hook. Now that the trigger slide is in the correct place, let the rod tip up, and replace the trigger slide pin in the hole closest to this position.

4. Get your bait down the hole, and get the Jawjacker ready to set.

Take the rod from the holder and drop your bait down the hole to the depth you want. Place the Jawjacker over the hole with the feet on either side of the hole and the trigger over the middle of the hole. Put your rod back in the rod holder and bend the rod tip down to the trigger.

5. Set the Jawjacker.

Place the rod tip loop over the trigger loop hook and rotate the loop hook arm forward until it stops. Now you can let go of the rod tip and hold it down with the loop hook arm.

While holding the rod tip down by the loop hook arm, rotate the trigger up until it stops. Slowly release the loop hook arm and then the trigger. Next place the line over the trigger and the Jawjacker is set. Be sure to keep yourself clear of the path the rod travels while doing this. If the weight of the bait trips the trigger, increase the trigger tension with the wing nut on the side of the trigger.