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The JawJacker is a new ice fishing device that is designed to help ice fishermen catch more fish. When a fish bites, the trigger releases the bent fishing rod so it can snap up and set the hook. The trigger is very sensitive and can detect light bites. When you hook a fish with the JawJacker; take the rod from the rod holder, move the JawJacker off the hole, and reel the fish in. Use the Jaw Jacker with your ice fishing rods instead of leaving them sitting alone on the ice. You will hook and catch more fish by using the JawJacker.
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Set The Hook On Every Bite

Ice fishermen usually jig or directly watch one hole and glance up every once in a while to check on baited rods they’ve placed in other holes. Even when ice fisherman place their holes close together they don’t see all their bites and when they do see a bite, sometimes they can’t get to their rod quick enough to set the hook. The Jawjacker eliminates these problems by watching your rod and setting the hook for you.
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