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Green Zebra

Get down quickly to where the fish are biting with these tungsten jigs. There are 10 fish catching colors to choose from and 3 different sizes.


Green Zebra

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These tungsten Jigs feature bright crisp colors, sharp hooks, and come in 3 different sizes. There are 10 fish catching colors to choose from. Tungsten is 1.74 times heavier than lead.  This gives tungsten the advantage over lead when it comes to getting small Jigs down the hole quickly to where the fish are biting. The heavier weight also helps you feel the jig better when jigging.  The only disadvantage is that tungsten is more expensive than lead. The 5 mm Jig has a size 12 hook, the 4 mm jig has a size 14 hook, and the hook size of the 3 mm jig is right between a 16 and 18.  All of these jigs glow except for gold.  The pink, green zebra, and tree frog colors glow the brightest.  These jigs are small, especially the 3 mm. So if you are using these Jigs with the JawJacker make sure to match up the hook setting power of the JawJacker with the size of the hook.  Decrease your hook setting rod angle on the JawJacker if you need to so you don’t bend or straiten out the hook on the hook set.  These Jigs have sharp small diameter hooks so you don’t need as much power to sink these jigs deep in a fishes mouth.

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